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1     Laboratory Relocation
2     Laboratory Renovations
3     Laboratory Construction
4     Neomorphic Software Laboratory
5     Xenoport Tenant Laboratories
6     Laboratory Expansion
7     Molecular Biology Laboratory
8     cGMP Suite Construction
9     Clinical Laboratory Renovations
10   Renovations
11   Building C

12   Corporate Offices
13   Sun Microsytems/First Person
14   Corporate Office Enhancements
15   Campus Center Expansion
16   Classroom Modernizations
17   Agricultural Farm Building
18   Modular School Construction
19   Classroom Modifications

20   Building K Renovations
21   Phase II of Seismic Strengthening
22   FC 6083 Post-Earthquake Repair

23   Building F Renovations
24   Clean Room Conversions
25   Cleanliness Upgrade
26   Intersil S3 Facility
27   Phase II of Fab 4 Expansion

28   FPod Installation
29   Operating Suite Modifications

Berlex Biosciences
Alexandria - Malcolm
Pherin Pharmaceuticals
Affymetrix Genechip
Alexandria - Hanover
Microcide Pharmaceuticals
Affymetrix Genechip
Shaman Pharmaceuticals
Affymetrix Genchip
Berlex Biosciences

Affymetrix Genechip
Sun Microsystems
Affymetrix Genechip
Foothill College
Westmont High School
Westmont High School
Boynton High School
St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Conor Medsystems
Stanford University
Stanford University

Conor Medsystems
Affymetrix Genechip
Affymetrix Genechip
GE Intersil
Linear Technology

Stanford Medical Center
Stanford Medical Center